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Our Team

Server administrator and founder of Quality Time Gaming. Your incredible full-time internet hero!
Server moderator and Steam group officer. Musically talented and always 100% on point.
Server moderator and multimedia master. Awesome guitar dude who’s never out of silly jokes.
Server moderator and back-end developer. Rhythm gamer with a passion for anime and manga.
Server moderator and content streamer. Plays games by moonlight, spams dank memes by daylight.
Server enthusiast and the very first donator. Blessed with pure beauty and a golden heart.
Bicky Royale#8204
Server enthusiast and burger expert. Chill guy who enjoys a large variety of video game genres.
Server enthusiast and game captain. Comic book reader and formerly known as spikesponge.
Server enthusiast and retro video game collector. Experimenting with DIY projects is his thing.
Website visitor and/or member of Quality Time Gaming. You are appreciated and most welcome.
Groove Wizard#6167 BOT
Sidekick and music bot. Broadcasts the best sound waves, while queuing all your song requests.
Miss Quality#0667 BOT
Sidekick and general-purpose bot. Assuring server quality by monitoring text channels 24/7.

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